Email Marketing

Everyone starts small. But with the right resources, you can execute big plans. Parnets features are powerful enough for Fortune 500 companies at a price point that works for anyone. You know your business. We’ll help you grow it.

Connect your store, sell more stuff

When you connect your store with one of Parnets hundreds of ecommerce integrations, you can create targeted campaigns, automate helpful product followups, and send back-in-stock messaging. Learn what your customers are purchasing, then send them better email.

Flexible design for brands of any size

Use our easy drag and drop designer to create campaigns that match your style. Want to build your own email? Parnets collaboration options, like multi-user accounts and comments inside the editor, will speed up the design process and fit right into your workflow.

Comprehensive mobile options that go with you

Our suite of mobile apps let you check reports, add notes to a contact, or send a campaign —no matter where you are. Collect signups on a tablet with Parnets Subscribe, online or off. Just restocked a popular product? Use Parnets Snap to send a quick, photo-based email to a segment or list of subscribers. And never worry about how your emails look on various screens—all Parnets templates and forms are mobile-ready right out of the box.

Hundreds of integrations with apps you already use

We integrate with popular apps and services like Sales force, Event brite, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and Survey Monkey. This means you can easily sync your data from those services, import content from other sources, and learn how your campaigns are affecting your business. Our e-commerce collection in particular will help you track visitors to your store, capture order information, and pass all the data back to Parnets.

Complex, flexible API documentation

Parnets API allows you to adapt your email marketing to fit your workflow. Whether it's time to integrate with a CRM or build your own CMS, we’ll scale with your business. Our API offers in-depth documentation, wrapper downloads, and how-to documents. Almost all the data and functionality within our app is accessible with an API key, so the possibilities are endless.

Email Marketing

Database Features Cost
1.5 crore /year Email ids, Contact Details with Address Rs.15,000 + Tax

Email Progress per month

S.No Price Email/month
1. Rs. 15,000 + Tax 30,000 email
2. Rs.20,000 + Tax 45,000 email
3. Rs.23,500 + Tax 55,000 email