Complete Election and Social Media Management Services

Our Services Portfolio

A proper Dynamic web portal which will showcase - www.candidatename com

Vision & Mission of Candidate

Past performance of Candidate


Candidate Ideology

Achievements till date

Leader’s speeches

Photo gallery

Video gallery

Latest News

Upcoming Events (Public meetings)


Integration with you Facebook Page

Integration with you Twitter account

Integration with you YouTube Page

Why Candidate? & Join Candidate

Voting process

EVM guide

Volunteer Registration

Campaign Schedule

Voter Data Search connected to http://ceobihar.nic.in/

Development Cost – Rs. 20,000

Development Time – 15 days

Election Software ECPEMS provides Political Consulting, Political Survey, Opinion Poll, Exit Poll, Constituency Profiling, Election Management and Political Campaigning for Political Parties. We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP's, MLA's and aspirants.

ECPEM Software Cost: Rs.50,000/

Module 1

Name wise Voter Search

Age wise Voter Search

Address wise Voter Search

Duplicate Voter List

Surname wise Report

Family wise Report

Module 2

Booth Committee Creation

Party Worker Wise Report

Red – Green Marking (Importance)

Voting (YES/NO)

Module 3

Voting Performance - Trends

Percentage of valid votes cast in favor of party - Trends

List of winning candidates -Trends

Booth Performances – Trends

Module 4


An Impressive & Interactive Android Application to showcase your full Profile and Keep all your Volunteers Connected. We will Develop Smartphone apps to showcase all above website details and features into a mobile platform form easy and portable access.

Complete Profile Set up On Major Social Media Platforms like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc.

Regular Updates on Social Media Platforms to generate Maximum Online Followers / Supporters.

Well Optimized Paid Advertising campaigns to grow all our Promotion Channels and with quick positive response.

Search Engine Optimization for your website to keep in top Rankings of Major Search Engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com, and Bing.com.

Virtual Team of Volunteers to keep the word of Mouth Stream constantly live on every social network platform.

Regular Updates on Social Media Platforms to generate Maximum Online.

Followers, Supporters.

Virtual Team of Volunteers to keep the word of Mouth Stream constantly live on.

Every social network platform.

A Special Dedicated resource allocated to handle all your Campaign Full time.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Expert.

Number of Resource Allocated – 2

Cost – Rs. 30,000

Strategies for Running a Political Social Media Campaign:

1. Creation of a “Social Media Page”

2. Pick a Good Title for the “Social Media Page”

3. Plan Strategic Updates for Supporters

4. Counter Fake identities and Fake Pages

5. Create & increase contacts at “Social Media Page”

6. Creative Banners

7. Social Ads

8. Monitor the Page Daily

9. Making your voice & views reachable to all followers and Party workers

10. Some of other important factors are following, which we covers during campaigns:

Have to work majorly on Voter engagement.

Have to focus on mass media Campaigning.

Interactive channels between Leader and Voters.

Deliver information on users’ wall.

Send tweet to promote the work done by the party.

Update user with upcoming party functions.

Can send personalized notifications/reminders etc.

Cost: Rs 30,000/ (one time cost till date of poll)

Create Facebook Page for Candidate :


If you have already created so we will work on same.

Increase Facebook Like for your FB Page on basis of following critaria location – INDIA-> Bihar ->All Constituencies

Numbers of Like - 10,000

Total Cost - Rs 60,000

Time - 30 days for 10 k Like

We will provide weekly Facebook Page Report including following things.

i. Overview of our page
ii. Likes
iii. Reach
iv. Visits
v. Post
vi. People

Facebook Insights Data Exports form any date to any date.

Your page will be displayed to all over Punjab FB users.

Note: It’s kind of paid internet advertisement.

i. An Impressive & Interactive Android Application to showcase your full Profile.

ii. Keep all your Volunteers Connected.

iii. We will Develop Smartphone apps to showcase all above website details and features into a mobile platform form easy and portable access.

iv. Volunteer Registration.

v. Connected to Govt. sites.

vi. Connected with facebook updates.

Development Cost – Rs. 20,000 viii.

Time – 10 days




1. District Wise

2. Pin Code Wise

3. Constituency Wise

4. Total Data of Mobile Numbers -

5. Time – 7 days

6. Source – Mobile Service Provider and Various Agencies

1. District Wise

2. Pin Code Wise

3. Multiple Business Category Wise

4. Total Data

5. Source – Mail Service Provider and Various Agencies

1. Cost – 12 Paisa/SMS (With 6 Char Sender ID)

2. Report Provides after sending the message

3. Instant Delivery

4. Activity manages by our team

5. 160 Char will be count for 1 message and in Unicode(Hindi) 70 Char = 1 message multilanguage message (e.g. Hindi) facility available

1. Cost – 8 Paisa/E-mail

2. Report Provides after sending the e-mails

3. Activity manages by our team

4. No Cost of Data

1. Cost- 25 Paisa/Voice Call

2. Report Provides after sending the e-mails

3. Activity manages by our team.

4. Calls delivered to DND & NON DND Both

5. You can give your number as a caller ID.

6. No Cost of Data

7. 28 second Recorded voice clip.

8. Instant Delivery

1. Cost- 30 Paisa/Voice Call.

2. Report Provides after sending the e-mails.

3. Activity manages by our team.

4. Calls delivered to DND & NON DND Both.

5. You can give your number as a caller ID.

6. No Cost of Data.

7. Any Size second Recorded voice clip.

8. Instant Delivery.

1. We Offer you a Unique Dedicated Phone Number.

2. Caller Calls on this Number after 1 or 2 Rings phone gets disconnected.

3. Auto Reply SMS is Received on the Caller Mobile Phone with a Thanks Message.

4. 1000 Free Auto Reply SMS Plan Per Month for SMS Delivery on DND Active Numbers.

5. The Caller Phone Number is forwarded to your Email, Mobile via SMS, API to your SAP/Web/ERP Applications for further processing.

6. The above process Completes in 2 Seconds.

7. Unlimited Incoming Calls can be processed LIVE.

8. If required Further Customized Application can be developed.

9. Reports: Detailed missed call reports with timestamp can be fetched from you Account.

10. Time Limitation: Missed call can be given 24×7.

11. Missed Call Alert Cost (MCA) - 3 Months Plan(Till Date of Poll)

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service

Our Bulk What's App package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry.

You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.

Messaging Features

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Our each message support 1000 characters of Text Message

Our panel will support you to send on any quantity of Contact No’s simultaneously

Send Campaign to both DND and NoN-DND Number anytime (without any restriction)

Send Images & Videos too on What's App Numbers using our application

Terms and Conditions

1000 character = 1 Credit

Upto 3MB Image or Video = 2SMS Credits

For each additional 3MB = 2 SMS Credits additional

Cost: 22 Paisa/SMS any format

Steps involved in Your Political Campaigning

1. Figure out your budget.

2. Find a capable core team of individuals to build your campaign around.

3. Research issues in the (Bihar Assembly Election-2015) district you're running in and brainstorm with your core team.

4. Research your opponent(s).

5. Develop your message, your logo and a simple memorable campaign slogan.

6. Get access to your party's database as well as Constituency database.

7. Develop a fund raising plan about mailings, speaking, etc.

8. Send out requests, telephone and meet with major party contributors for initial contributions to fuel the beginning campaign.

9. Generate an initial campaign literature print piece with your background and picture.

10. Order stacks of donor envelopes with a volunteer form printed right on them.

11. Have your Web site set up and ready with ability to collect money and gather voter data before you formally announce.

12. Make your announcement at an event with the maximum press coverage possible.

13. Get petitions signed and delivered on time.

14. Develop additional graphics, posters, print materials, etc.

15. Investigate multi-media video, TV, Web, etc.

16. Coordinate letter writing campaigns to the editors.

17. Prepare for debates and interviews (practice seriously).

18. Organize and motivate volunteers.

E Chunav Prachar is one stop solution for all election related services:

Campaign Material Services

Campaign Logistic Services

R & D Services

Consultancy Services

How to Work in Your Constituency

1. Evaluate your skill set, experience and interests.

2. Determine if you have access to the finances needed to run a political campaign.

3. Gather feedback of those close to you, individuals in the community, and local organizations on your decision to run for elected office to get an idea of the support you have in your community.

4. Research your community, it is very important you look beyond just what you believe needs changing.

5. Make a list of community leaders that your community respects and trust.

6. After visiting with the community and community leaders create a platform you believe best serves your community.

7. Depending on the sector of government you are running for election you may consider hiring a campaign manager or recruiting an experienced community leader to volunteer to help coordinate your political campaign.

8. Know your limits, both mentally and physically.

9. By now you’re engaging the community has inspired volunteers that would like to support your candidacy.

10. A successful campaign most often has a massive door to door component that allows the candidate to meet more of the community, and engage them to find what they feel needs improvement.

11. Create pamphlets, banners, bumper stickers, buttons, and signs to disperse door to door, at community events, in parks, anywhere there are people you and your volunteers should not be far behind.

12. Organize events that allow people in the community to come meet the candidate.

13. Your campaign can release press releases to the local media, but do not count on them to continually print stories on your election.

14. Fundraisers can be big or small, it's not the size of the crowd, and it’s the size of the donations.

15. There is no easy, sure fire way to win any political office, but if you follow the above advice, you increase your chances of winning.

16. In local elections the most important factor is personal contact with voters.

Benefits of engaging E Chunav Prachar

Accountability : Services of E Chunav Prachar is accountable to the candidate’s.

Cost Effective : The services of E Chunav Prachar is cost effective in relation to benefits you derive from it.

Professional Approach : E Chunav Prachar approaches professionally to help in election campaign for the candidates.

Quality : E Chunav Prachar provides quality campaign & election services.

Time Savings : Hiring E Chunav Prachar helps the candidates to save their valuable time.

Reach & Visibility : Reach & visibility of candidates through E Chunav Prachar lead them to achieve the goal to WIN the election.

Boost Up To Looser : Candidates who have lost the past election due to ill executed election campaign, E Chunav Prachar provides them a platform for effective campaign.

Helpful Tips to Candidates : E Chunav Prachar provides helpful tips to candidate’s viz. tips to improve speeches, style of speech delivery etc.

Election Trends : E Chunav Prachar will provide the trends and modes to the candidates of their respective constituencies through scientifically carried out surveys.

Feedback : E Chunav Prachar will provide the feedback to candidates by giving him the facts & figures of various pockets/segments of their respective constituencies.

Election Services by E Chunav Prachar

Consolidation of Votes : With the help of Software and your party workers we gather information on types of voters i.e. your votes, Neutral and opposition votes. This allows you to focus on booths which are neutral. We will further explain a process through which just by using the software, 4 to 5% Swing in voting can be achieved.

Mobile Data and Voter data list : We integrate mobile data of voters. We further provide classification as Male/Female, Age Group wise, Head of the family and votes per family, Basic caste wise, list of influential persons in your area. We also provide Past 3 election detailed booth wise SWOT which enables you to decide booth wise focus strategy.

Constituency Nurturing & Management System : We upload software in your premises which allows you to allocate party workers booth wise, ward wise, block wise and give any instruction to them on mobile/email and also receive feedback from them. One can assign any task to party workers and take feedback. In the software one can digitize data of all past work done, voter wise, booth wise, ward wise so that whenever you visits the booth/ward you exactly know the past work done in that area and can talk about the same to influence voters. Software also allows you to send SMS to party workers, Voters in all formats i.e. individual, Group or entire data.

Social Media : We commit to open/run current social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and your web site: We create blogs get the same approved and load the same on various blog sites; we also carry out positive story/news/videos/images in various PR web sites.

We Link all such accounts and carry out SEO so as to ensure that on any search engines, for the first 5 to 6 pages only positive content about you is available. In addition to above on social media tools like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn we commit to connect you with minimum 10000 voters of your area as once person attached to your network, he/she is likely to vote for you.

Track your opposition : With the help of technology using trackers and web crawlers we track the detailed activity of your opposition candidates of not only what they have stated about you and your party/area in the past but also daily report on what they are talking during the election campaign. As anything goes into News/TV/Social Media gets published on net. We can track the same and give you detailed report on the same. This allows you to formulate your strategy during the election.